Training is one of the most important aspects of bodybuilding, but also the most complex. It always depends on what is most important to you, for example adding more muscle mass or eliminating weaknesses.

During my pre-contest training time we put greatly increased emphasis and importance on enhancing the toned look that I need for competition. It is an old prejudice that you can burn body fat by training specific muscle groups harder.

This is definitely not the case. You can reduce body fat only by reducing your calorie intake and increasing your metabolic rate.

My training schedules change again and again, and are adapted to my changing circumstances. No body works like any other, therefore we adapt my training schedule to my changing requirements and my changing body.

My typical training week currently looks like this; currently I train each body part once a week, and from time to time I train those muscle groups I consider to be weaker, like legs, chest and back, twice a week.

Depending in which muscle group needs more attention, I add the following: Chest or back or legs pump training... 3 exercises with moderate weight, but max reps.