26.11.12  -  Marc wins 6th place in Mr. Universe

The 2012 Mr Universe NAC competition was held on Saturday November 24 in Norderstedt (Hamburg, Germany). Over 300 very keen competitors represented 35 countries at the event.

Marc Gollub achieved an excellent 6th place in the “Body Over 40” category, a class in which there were 29 athletes; this confirmed his standing in the highest levels of competition, following his 3rd place last year in the World Championship.  This is a great result for Marc and bodes well for his next challenge in the "Body Over 50" class.

Photos: Juergen Drescher

11.11.12  -  NAC International German Championship

Yesterday took the Int. German Championship place in Trossingen, which was also the qualifier of this years NAC Universe, which will happen on october 24th in Hamburg/Norderstedt.

The Juniors division had a tuff lineup which massive guys who were also able to present theirselves in a good way during their posing routines. Especially winner Jamal Mala had a great routine. He was also the one with the fewest falls, so even without being the most massive guy on stage, he was the guy on target for the victory.

On the other end of the men's categories Kiro Feldmann (Winner Body over 40... Marc Gollub made 2nd place), Detlef Klär (Winner Body over 50) and Heinz Grabruch (Winner Athletik over 40): When you train smart during the young years, you will be able to improve your best even years after your 40´s.

While the youngest and the oldest knew how to enjoy the crowd, the division in between was not that good. Body 3 Winner Tim Deuser was on another level compaired to the rest of the field of only 4 competitors. Tim is doing well in his very first competitive season, but the quality of that division was not very good.

Dennis Riskis, Winner Body 2, was the most massive athlet of the contest. He showed also a very good balanced physique. He could have been a little bit more harder, but he has another 2 weeks to get more lean to the Universe.

The competion in womens bodybuilding was a fight into two different directions: While Michaela Fritsch was the most muscular woman on stage, the judges favored for Elena Shpourtun, who was - not only compaired to Michaela - softer then last year. But she hass that special stage presence that makes the crowed go crazy not only in her routine, but also in that one which she showed up with Peter Freimuth in the mixed pairs division.

Photos: Juergen Drescher